A New Day in Labour Relations: Prime Minister Davis meets with Bahamas Trade Union Congress

In keeping with his intention to partner with Bahamians to create a stronger, more inclusive economy, Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis met with members of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress this morning.

“The backbone of all economies are the workers”, said Prime Minister Davis as he addressed a room of Trade Union leaders at BCPOU Hall, emphasizing the importance of fair and respectful treatment of all workers.

The Prime Minister said he and his government are committed to partnering with stakeholders to advance the concerns of workers across the country. He said that his government would remain accessible and maintain an open dialogue with workers.

President of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress, Obie Ferguson, congratulated the Prime Minister and thanked him and his government for the action they have already taken in response to some of the challenges they face.
Remaining committed to the protection of workers against exploitation, Prime Minister Davis stated that his administration has agreed to a Decent Work Country Programme establish with the International Labour Organization that will benefit employees.
In keeping with the Davis administration’s Blueprint for Change, which seeks to empower Bahamians, Prime Minister Davis called for economic patriotism and expressed his support for encouraging workers who seek to become employers themselves.
The Prime Minister also advised that a new policy would allow union members to become Justices of the Peace, in order to enable them to provide more effective and comprehensive services to their members.