Building on Progress, Driving New Change: Prime Minister Davis Announces Cabinet Portfolio Adjustments and Reforms

Nassau, Bahamas – Prime Minister Philip Davis on Sunday marked the approach of his administration’s second year in office with a national statement, detailing portfolio adjustments in Cabinet, outlining reforms in immigration and reflecting on a broad range of gains his administration intends to build on to drive new change.

As the Davis administration prepares to begin a new legislative session, a number of changes have been made to Cabinet assignments.  

Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle will assume the newly constituted portfolio as Minister of Labour and Public Service.  

Minister of State for Legal Affairs, Hon. Jomo Campbell, will assume the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources.

Hon. Zane Lightbourne will serve as Minister of State for the Environment in the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources.

Hon. Basil McIntosh will take on the role of Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation.

Hon. Clay Sweeting will assume the portfolio of Minister of Works and Family Island Affairs.  

Oversight of the portfolio of Minister of Immigration and National Insurance will become the new mandate of Hon. Alfred Sears while Hon. Keith Bell will assume the portfolio of Housing and Urban Renewal.  

Hon. Jobeth Coleby-Davis will assume the portfolio of Minister of Energy and Transport.  

A complete list of cabinet adjustments will be announced shortly.

Going forward, the Government’s priorities will include a closer look at immigration policy, including a review of work permit needs in the financial services sector.

“We are also reviewing agreements made with investors in years past to ensure they are carrying out the commitments they have made to our communities and country,” Prime Minister Davis said.

“And we are reviewing work permits in our financial services and tourism industries to make sure opportunities for Bahamians are not being unfairly blocked,” he added.  

Boasting of a 15-year low in unemployment, the government also highlighted improved labour relations with the conclusion of twenty-two labour agreements.

The Davis Administration is also poised to have a banner year in tourism with a record-breaking 8 million arrivals in 2023.

In line with its education and social agenda, the Davis Administration will begin its School Breakfast Programme as it seeks to give aid, where needed, to vulnerable students.

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