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In the vibrant tapestry of The Bahamas where every thread is woven with the profound love for the performing arts, CAPAS stands proudly as architects of dreams, sculpting aspirations into breathtaking masterpieces.

Nurturing Talent

At CAPAS we believe in nurturing the seeds of talent, encouraging students to paint their own destinies with the vivacious hues of dance, music, theater, and beyond. Here, every stroke is a celebration of uniqueness, and every note resonates with the rhythm of personal expression.

An Epitome of Creative Freedom

Our Vision

Artistic Excellence

A commitment to the highest standards of artistic quality and innovation in performances. This includes fostering creativity, supporting emerging talents, and continuously pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Cultural Enrichment

A desire to contribute to the cultural enrichment of the community and society at large by providing diverse, thought-provoking, and inspiring performances that resonate with a broad audience.

Education and Outreach

An emphasis on educational programs and outreach initiatives to engage and educate the community, fostering a deeper appreciation for the performing arts. This may include workshops, masterclasses, and partnerships with educational institutions.

Inclusivity and Diversity

A commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and representation both on and off the stage. This involves promoting a variety of perspectives, voices, and cultural influences in programming and organizational leadership.

Community Engagement

Building a strong connection with the local community by actively involving residents in the artistic process, seeking feedback, and creating a sense of ownership and pride in the organization’s contributions.


A vision for long-term sustainability, both financially and environmentally. This includes responsible resource management, environmental consciousness, and financial stability to ensure the organization’s endurance.

Collaboration and Partnerships

A commitment to collaborating with other arts organizations, businesses, and community groups to create a thriving cultural ecosystem. This may involve partnerships in programming, co-productions, or joint initiatives.

Accessible Arts

Striving to make the arts accessible to a broad audience through affordable ticket prices, community outreach programs, and the use of technology to extend the reach of performances.

Innovative Productions

A dedication to producing groundbreaking and innovative performances that challenge conventions, explore new artistic territories, and contribute to the evolution of the performing arts.

Global Impact

Aspiring to have a broader impact on the global arts scene, whether through international collaborations, touring productions, or participating in prestigious festivals to showcase the organization’s work on a global stage.


At CAPAS, we believe in breaking down artistic barriers and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration. Our holistic approach to arts education means that students can cross-pollinate their skills, participating in multiple areas to create a well-rounded artistic profile. Whether someone dreams of standing in the spotlight, composing music, or shaping the future of theatre, CAPAS is the place where these aspirations come to life. The array of opportunities provided goes beyond traditional classroom settings. At CAPAS, art lovers don’t just learn skills; they embark on a journey of self-discovery, artistic exploration, and the realization of their full creative potential.


Our singing program is designed to nurture vocal talents, offering comprehensive training in techniques, interpretation, and stage presence. Students will have the chance to explore various genres and styles, fostering their individual artistic expression.


CAPAS provides a rich musical environment, allowing students to delve into instrumental studies, music theory, and composition. Whether it’s classical, jazz, contemporary, or experimental music, our programs cater to a broad spectrum of musical interests.


From classical forms to contemporary dance styles, our dance program embraces the diversity of movement. Students can immerse themselves in dance techniques, choreography, and performance, honing their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors.


The theatre program at CAPAS is a dynamic platform for aspiring actors, directors, and playwrights. Participants will engage in script analysis, character development, and stagecraft, fostering a deep understanding of the theatrical arts.


Beyond traditional theatre, our drama program explores improvisation, storytelling, and experimental performances. Students have the opportunity to push creative boundaries, developing a unique voice in the world of dramatic arts.

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