Clarification and Apology from Kirk Cornish, MP for North Abaco, Regarding Recent Comments

During an independence event over the weekend, I sought to make the point that it is my privilege and my responsibility to implement Cabinet policy in Abaco.

I sincerely regret the way I expressed the point.

I have the honour of representing Abaconians in Parliament and the honour of carrying out the policies of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in Abaco. I am the representative of the Prime Minister on the island, but of course, I do not possess his authority.

There is only one Prime Minister in The Bahamas, and I serve at his pleasure.

I unreservedly apologize to the Prime Minister, my parliamentary colleagues, and the people of North Abaco.

I am deeply committed to serving to the best of my ability and will continue to work hard to promote rebuilding our beautiful home.

Kirk Cornish
Member of Parliament,
Parliamentary Secretary