Davis administration reaffirms international partnerships to address global climate crisis

During the first press briefing held under the Davis administration on Wednesday 20 October 2021, Director of the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection in the Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Rochelle Newbold, reaffirmed the Government’s blueprint for global partnership in addressing climate change and its effects to Small Island Developing States like The Bahamas.

“We have to be at the table, we have to ask the questions, we have to demand what is rightfully ours as members of this planet”, said Director Newbold at the Office of the Prime Minister, as she spoke to the advantage of the Government’s presence at the United Nations’ 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26), being held at the end of this month in Glasgow, Scotland.

The United Nations COP26 summit will bring together 134 countries and numerous stakeholders to address the concerns of global climate change.

With the impact of human activity posing a serious threat to temperature and weather patterns over time, climate change has ascended to the global forefront with concerns of global warming impacting various natural phenomena around the world.

Director Newbold stated that with the damaging effects of Hurricane Dorian, many questions have arisen around the impact of climate change and the possible reemergence of powerful storms like the Category 5 monster.

Continuing these discussions at a global level will allow The Bahamas to maintain its financial allocations, as well as contribute to negotiations of accountability relating to the threat of damage posed by larger populations and their emission of greenhouse gases, Director Newbold added.

As part of the Prime Minister’s participation in the upcoming COP 26 summit, discussions held will also provide the necessary framework to determine whether or not The Bahamas is meeting the mark in fighting climate change or if efforts should be accelerated in any particular area, said Director Newbold.

The Prime Minister is set to travel to Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday 30 October and is expected to gain necessary insight to continue to position the country as a global partner in combating this climate crisis.