Government launches successful free COVID-19 testing pilot program on Inagua

Today the government kept one of its key campaign promises of a New Day by launching its free COVID-19 testing program in Inagua, to combat COVID-19 across the country.

Inagua was selected as the launch site because of a recent outbreak of the virus after the election campaign, which sadly resulted in the deaths of several people.

In line with its COVID Action Plan, the government also provided residents with medical-grade masks, free of charge.

A mobile team is in place on the ground to ensure that all residents have access to the new program. One official said “We have to go where they congregate.”

Residents expressed relief in being able to know their status, giving the program a thumbs-up. Officials expect to test more than 100 residents today.

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Michael Darville said: “Back in July and August, the country was experiencing the worst spike in COVID cases and deaths so far seen in our country. Bahamians were also extremely anxious about the images of a healthcare system in a state of neglect and collapse. Free testing is a key component in our government’s new approach, which will start to give a more accurate picture of the true state of the pandemic in The Bahamas.”