Heads of Agreement Signing Notes for Jack’s Bay – 4, September 2020

Good morning.  

   Today we celebrate good news for Eleuthera and for the country, especially for South Eleuthera, the residents of Rock Sound, and other communities on the Isle of Freedom.

   Jack’s Bay takes advantage of the stellar and spectacular beauty of Eleuthera, and will offer an iconic Bahamian experience, from everything from its architecture and design to culinary experiences.

   With the Jack’s Bay project, the Disney Project, and other developments on the horizon, Eleuthera, including South Eleuthera, is about to go through an economic renaissance.

   For many decades South Eleuthera has struggled to find sustainable development projects.

   A new era is on the horizon for the people of Eleuthera, a dream long in the making, finally coming to fruition.

   This project along with others, will help our national economic recovery, post the COVID-19 pandemic.

   We have to be ready as a country to take advantage of when travel and tourism begin to return.

   The Islands of The Bahamas must be prepared for a new world of hospitality and tourism.

   I congratulate all those involved with this iconic project, which is being developed by Bahamian owners, including Sir Franklyn Wilson, who has shown tremendous tenacity over the decades with Jack’s Bay.

   This Heads of Agreement was originally scheduled for signing on March 17th of this year on Eleuthera, with Tiger Woods and others in attendance.

   But because of health measures related to COVID-19, the time and location of the signing were changed.

   Frankie:  I hope you don’t mind a little bit of teasing. 

   I know you like to talk about who has a broader vision for the country.

   You will note that it is under this FNM Government that the dream of Jack’s Bay is finally being realized because of the vision of this administration.

   Our vision includes a diversity of tourism and sustainable development projects by Bahamians and international investors, with a variety of Bahamian experiences throughout the archipelago.

   This project has been a long time in the making and is a unique Bahamian experience, including Bahamian ownership and team of mostly Bahamian managers.

   From the Arthur Vining Davis, Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan American Airways to our very own Frankie Wilson, developers and visionaries fell in love with South Eleuthera, seeing its tremendous beauty and extraordinary potential.  

   The investment to date is in excess of $100 million. 

Sustainable employment was in excess of 200 people prior to the March 2020. 

   One hundred employees were retained during the lockdown period and the number of employed will increase again when the project opens up to further construction.

I note that Phase One of the project, which is substantially completed, includes:

  • Main entrance, roads, landscaping and infrastructure.
  • 10 hole par 3 Tiger Woods Golf playground.
  • Playground clubhouse, restaurant and retail.
  • Club lodge (main clubhouse) and pool area.
  • Beach club.
  • Tennis courts
  • Protection and enhancement of natural features, including Blue Holes, Caves, Turtle Cove, an  inland lake, nature trails and native planting.
  • 18 club villas.
  • A total 107,370 sq. ft. of buildings have been constructed.

The Completion of phase 1 has allowed the recent opening of the club and the presentation of the residential product to the marketplace.

We look forward to the full unfolding and realization of Jack’s Bay over the years ahead.

It is a beautiful and exciting project and marks new wonderful days for South Eleuthera, and indeed all of Eleuthera, where a number of other developments will come to fruition.

I again offer my hearty congratulations and look forward to visiting Jack’s Bay fairly soon.

I thank all of the many officials involved in discussions and negotiations for this Heads of Agreement.

Thank you and good morning.