National Heroes Day 2020: There’s a Hero in All of Us

This National Heroes Day we salute the Bahamians that rose to the occasion and proved that there is a hero in all of us. 
Join us over the next week starting Monday 12 October as we highlight 5 of those Bahamian heroes that assisted in the fight against COVID-19.

Dr. Nikkiah Forbes – Director of the HIV/AIDS and Infectious Diseases Program, Ministry of Health

As we continue our fight in the battle against COVID-19 today on National Heroes Day we salute the many medical professionals on the frontline risking their lives to save ours. We cannot recognize them all by name but we honor their heroic efforts as their bravery and strength does not go unnoticed. Each of them prove that in the midst of difficulty heroes are born and when we rise to the occasion there is a hero in all of us. 

Dr. Nikkiah Forbes Director of the HIV/AIDS and infectious diseases program is one of the many displaying bravery, strength and offering us hope during this trying time. We recognize and honor her efforts and the efforts of every Bahamian nurse and doctor on the frontline in this fight.

Brunay Clarke – Music Teacher, R.M Bailery

Education is one of the key pillars of nation building. We honor the educators throughout the country that persevered in the face of difficulty and offered innovative alternatives to keeping the future of our nation engaged.

Music teacher at R.M Bailey High School, Brunay Clarke, is one of those people. Today we salute her efforts and the efforts of all educators within our nation.

Jasper “DJ Ovadose” Thomas – Bahamian Entertainer

COVID-19 has been one of the most difficult periods our nation has had to endure and now more than ever we recognize the importance of optimism and unity. We salute the Bahamians that have used their expertise, knowledge and their platforms to promote avenues of mental reprieve, whether that be traditional or untraditional.

Bahamian entertainer, Jasper “DJ Ovadose” Thomas is one of the many Bahamians who went beyond the call of duty to provide us with moments of light during these difficult times. We honor him and many others who continue to bring us hope.

Macushla Pinder – News Editor

COVID-19 is unprecedented and ever changing. Due to this fact, the need for access to information that is accurate and time sensitive is imperative during this pandemic. Bahamian journalists have been working around the clock to ensure that the public stays notified and we salute all of them for their efforts.

News editor at the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas, Macushla N. Pinder is one of the many journalists who has been dedicated to keeping the Bahamian public up-to-date on key communication. We honor her and all of the Bahamian journalists doing their part to inform us.

Zhivago Dames – Chief Superintendent Cable Beach Police Station & Head of COVID-19 Enforcement Unit

Our law enforcement officials risk their safety in order to protect ours everyday. Despite the intensified risk of being on the frontline due to COVID-19 they continue to put service above self.

Superindent Zhivago Dames, head of the Cable Beach Division and the COVID-19 Enforcement Unit is one of the numerous law enforcement officials who rose to the occasion and protected the Bahamian public during these difficult times. We salute them for their service.