Official Press Statement on a Repurposed Confiscated Aircraft for Government Travel to the Family Islands

The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to provide an update on a recent budget allocation and the use of an aircraft for travel to the Family Islands.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force confiscated the aircraft in question and is now repurposing it for official government use. This decision was made to optimize resources and enhance the efficiency of government operations across our archipelago.

The Government of The Bahamas, along with senior officials and technocrats, is required to travel frequently to various Family Islands, including those that do not have regular commercial flights. This ensures government services are accessible to all residents, regardless of their location within our extensive archipelago.

This approach represents a cost-saving measure, significantly reducing the monthly expenses incurred by the government. In certain cases, technical teams and officials currently face delays of two to three days when discharging government services on remote family islands while waiting for commercial flights to return to Nassau. These delays result in increased lodging fees and per diems. By using the repurposed aircraft, the government can avoid these additional costs and improve the efficiency of its operations.

For a nation like The Bahamas, with a population spread across numerous islands, air travel remains the most effective and efficient means of transportation. As a growing independent country, the central government must adopt creative solutions to bridge logistical challenges. One such solution is repurposing seized assets and making them safely usable.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force will also maintain, operate, and utilize the aircraft, ensuring its safety and reliability for government travel needs.