Official Statement from the Office of Prime Minister on the Purchase of a State Vehicle

The Office of the Prime Minister wishes to provide clarity regarding the state vehicles in use by this office. State vehicles are the property of the Bahamian people and are in service across multiple administrations.

For example, a Mercedes purchased by the Ingraham administration in 2011 for $300,000 has been used by four different Prime Ministers, including the current Prime Minister.

This vehicle recently experienced mechanical issues that raised concerns about safety and reliability. It was decided to discontinue its use.

A new BMW vehicle was purchased to replace the Mercedes. For the first time, an electric vehicle was chosen for the Office of the Prime Minister, reflecting broader government policy to transition government vehicles to electric ones, which are cleaner and offer cost-savings over time.

This vehicle is currently being customized to meet the stringent security and functional requirements necessary for transporting a Prime Minister.

Additionally, a Lexus is currently being repaired and is thus not in use. To ensure no interruption in the Prime Minister’s official duties, a BMW has been temporarily loaned to the Office.

The Lexus, once repaired, and the recently procured vehicle will be the two vehicles in rotation as customary.