Official Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on The Prime Minister’s Travel to Grand Bahama and Bimini

In his two and a half years in office, the Prime Minister has made dozens of visits to the Family Islands, underscoring his government’s commitment to expanding economic opportunities across our archipelago.

During the Prime Minister’s visits to West Grand Bahama and Bimini in October and November of last year, he inaugurated a new government complex with multiple services, he visited children benefiting from his school breakfast programme, he signed a $100 million Ocean Cay expansion Heads of Agreement, he reviewed current and new infrastructure projects, including major airport and road improvements, and he led a Cabinet meeting focused on Family Islands development.

On days during which he conducted official business, and then at night met with Bahamians in his capacity as Leader of his party, should he have flown back to Nassau, then returned on another flight paid for by the party? Whom precisely would that have served?

This attempt to generate controversy defies common sense.

The Prime Minister and his team have generated more than $2 billion in new investments in our Family Islands, launched major infrastructural improvements, and are working to expand solar energy on multiple islands, so the Prime Minister plans to continue travelling to our islands to oversee these and other initiatives, and to visit with and hear from Family Islanders. Bahamians will decide for themselves if the progress they see justifies the cost of his visits.