Press Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister of The Bahamas in Response to The Leader of The Opposition

Today, the Office of the Prime Minister addresses a pressing concern regarding the notable absence of bipartisan support from the Opposition Leader, Mr. Pintard.

The Prime Minister’s vision of a ‘whole of government and society’ approach to combat crime and violence is rooted in a belief that the security and welfare of our nation are above political divisions. The government’s strategy, emphasizing support for the Royal Bahamas Police Force and the Judiciary, is not just a policy but a national imperative. It is a commitment to every Bahamian, irrespective of political affiliations.

However, the recent stance of Mr. Pintard and his party, focusing on political gains rather than national interest, is a disservice to the Bahamian people. Their reluctance to collaborate and extend support to law enforcement and judicial authorities is not just disappointing but counterproductive in our fight against crime.

The Prime Minister strongly believes that national security should be a unifying goal, not a divisive issue. It is a matter where every voice and every effort counts. In this light, the Prime Minister extends yet another invitation to Mr. Pintard and his party to join this critical mission. This is a fight that requires all hands on deck, transcending the bounds of party politics.

Acknowledging the concerns of the Bahamian people, who seek action and unity from their leaders, the Prime Minister reiterates his commitment to transparent and inclusive governance. The detailed plan, set to be released today, reflects a comprehensive and practical approach to tackling crime. It is a blueprint for action, inviting collaboration and input from all sectors of society.

The Prime Minister urges Mr. Pintard to rise above the fray of political gamesmanship and to join in this vital national endeavor. It’s a call to put the country first, to work together for the common good of the nation. The detailed plan being released today is a testament to this dedication, laying out a roadmap for a safer Bahamas. It is a document of hope, strategy, and collaboration, underlining our belief in a united approach to tackle the multifaceted challenges of crime.

The time for political games is over. 

We can either come together, putting aside our differences for the greater good, or we can choose to play political games that do nothing to protect our citizens, to save lives, or to preserve souls.

We join the country in urging Mr. Pintard to join us in this vital fight against crime.  This is not about politics; it’s about people. It’s about the safety and security of every Bahamian. It’s about building a future where fear and violence no longer hold sway over our streets and our communities.