Press Statement on Prime Minister Davis’s Address to the United Nations High-Level Meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response 

Prime Minister Davis Calls for Global Unity and Preparedness Against Future Pandemics at the United Nations

NEW YORK – Today, Prime Minister Davis addressed the United Nations, offering an urgent and powerful call for collective action to prepare the world for the next pandemic. He emphasized, “Although many scientists believe a new pandemic is plausible, the world is not ready for one.” This statement underscored the critical need for international cooperation and the imperative to establish systems that put humanity above profit.

Reflecting on the interconnected dynamics of our global society, Prime Minister Davis warned, “If pathogens can cross borders, then so too must solutions, innovations, technologies, and treatments.” His message called for a vision of a world equipped to respond swiftly and effectively to health crises, where solutions are as mobile as the challenges they address.

Highlighting the unique vulnerabilities of Small Island Developing States, Prime Minister Davis shed light on the fundamental articles of the Pandemic Accord, saying, “These Articles must explicitly include sustainable funding mechanisms and transparent and equitable funding allocation mechanisms.” He further emphasized that these mechanisms should truly represent a country’s realities, not just misleading economic metrics. Moreover, his statement, “Research and Development developed with public funding must primarily serve the common good, not short-term corporate profits,” showcased his unwavering commitment to a people-first approach in health and safety.

In his concluding remarks on the Pandemic Accord, Prime Minister Davis signalled to the world that this moment of unity at the United Nations represents a golden opportunity. He reminded leaders and attendees alike, “As we come together this week, let us be grateful that the next pandemic is not yet upon us, and let us use this gift of time as well as we are able.”