Press Statement on the Release of The Davis Administration’s Five Pillar Plan to Fight Crime

Today, the Davis Administration released a detailed and unyielding strategy to combat crime, which speaks to the government’s resolve to face this national crisis head-on. The strategy is built on a ‘Whole of Government and Whole of Society Approach,’ encapsulated in the Five Pillars: Prevention, Policing/Detection, Prosecution, Punishment, and Rehabilitation.

Each pillar is designed to tackle the different aspects of the crime issue:

  1. Prevention: Initiatives include expanding youth programs, investing in community centers, and enhancing educational opportunities, particularly targeting at-risk populations.
  1. Policing/Detection: Strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and communities, modernizing policing methods, and incorporating advanced technology for efficient crime prevention and detection.
  1. Prosecution: Improving the judicial process to secure swift justice, establishing special courts for specific types of matters, and enhancing support systems for victims and witnesses.
  1. Punishment: Implementing fair and proportionate punishments, including sentencing reforms and improving prison conditions.
  1. Rehabilitation: Preparing offenders for successful reintegration with vocational training, educational programs, and mental health support.

This strategy, highlighting the government’s commitment to a comprehensive, no-nonsense approach to public safety, involves cross-government collaboration and the active participation of the community, NGOs, and the private sector. It’s a direct call to action for every sector of society to play a role in this critical mission.