Press Statement: Prime Minister Philip Davis Announces Initiative for Solar Energy Microgrids

In a historic step towards a sustainable and prosperous future, Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis KC MP today announced a bold initiative to develop solar energy microgrids across the Family Islands of The Bahamas. This initiative marks a significant shift in the nation’s energy policy, moving away from reliance on expensive and unreliable energy sources towards a future of sustainable, affordable, and secure energy.

“The choice we face is stark: continue down a path of expensive, unreliable energy, or pivot towards a future where energy is sustainable, affordable, and secure,” stated Prime Minister Davis. “As Prime Minister, I am committed to steering us towards a brighter energy future, where the high cost of electricity is not a barrier to our progress and prosperity.”

The initiative focuses on harnessing solar energy to create microgrids, which will provide clean and affordable power, foster economic growth, create jobs, and build resilience in Bahamian communities. The Request for Proposal (RFP) emphasizes Bahamian participation and local management, aiming to spur self-sufficiency for each involved island.

“We have the opportunity to make a choice that will echo through generations, harnessing the sun’s abundant energy to reduce our dependence on imported fuels and take control of our energy future,” the Prime Minister added. “This is about creating a Bahamas where no one has to choose between paying their electricity bill and providing for their family.”

The government’s commitment to achieving 30% renewable energy generation by 2030 is a central pillar of this initiative, aligning with the nation’s values, economic needs, and environmental responsibilities. The Prime Minister underscored the importance of this commitment as not just an environmental stance but a clear economic strategy.

“We are opening these bidding opportunities globally, but our focus remains on empowering Bahamians,” Prime Minister Davis affirmed. “This initiative is about ensuring that Bahamians are not left at the mercy of fluctuating oil prices and external economic pressures.”

The Prime Minister called on all Bahamians to embrace this change and work together to build an energy future that reflects the nation’s hopes and aspirations. The solar energy microgrid initiative is a significant step in fulfilling the government’s ‘Blueprint for Change’, promising a future with reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy.