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Good Morning Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we come together to commend a group of individuals that have demonstrated exceptional bravery, quick thinking, and unflinching commitment well above the call of duty. 

I was filled with pride when I heard of the extraordinary actions of the lifeguards at the Atlantis Royal Towers – Sashaun Armbrister, Dremeco Rahming, Marinique Leary, Adrian Bowe, and Ashley Farrington –  who went to great risk to rescue a party of visitors in distress.  

In the Bahamas, we know all too well that though our pristine waters are beautiful, they are also powerful and perilous. When four people found themselves in a dangerous situation out at sea, it wasn’t just the waves they battled against, but also time, uncertainty, and fear. 

Yet, in such dire circumstances, our lifeguards did not waver. With selflessness and tenacity, they proved what it truly means to be a guardian of life. 

As onlookers watched, our heroes, undaunted, left the safety of the shorelines to reach the exhausted men who were desperately clinging to hope, just as they clung to the pieces of their broken vessel.

Despite turbulent waves which tested their resolve, these young lifeguards pressed on, working together with a presence of mind and professionalism that must be applauded. Each guard played their role with distinction, urgently banding together as a team, so that if one struggled with the waves, another was ready to step in and support. 

Above all else, I am thankful that all parties made it back to shore, the lifeguards and their charges mostly unscathed. Our heroes swift actions prevented what could have been a dire situation from escalating. Their actions have undoubtedly saved lives, and we are grateful for their selflessness and commitment to public safety.

Most of us will never have the skill and bravery to carry out what these individuals achieved that day, and thankfully most of us will never be faced with it. However, we can learn from them many of the values we should embody in our everyday lives:

Never be afraid to act in the service of others, for there is no higher calling. 

Nothing can be achieved if you are not willing to leave the comfort of the shore. 

When the waves of life beat you down, have courage and persevere – only then will you achieve your goals. 

And lastly, it is in teamwork that our greatest achievements are made; Because though turbulent waters may overcome the one, together, the many can paddle through.   

Sashaun, Dremeco, Adrian, Martinique, and Ashley – you are a true reflection of the resilience that defines the Bahamian people. Your actions remind us of the immense power of dedication, training, and teamwork. Every day, you stand guard to ensure the safety of visitors and residents alike. It’s not just a job; it’s a calling, a dedication to the welfare and safety of all.

Today, This Appreciation Breakfast is but a small token of our immense gratitude. We celebrate your heroic efforts and thank you for your exemplary service in the carriage of your duties. I hope you wear your badge of honor, not just on your uniform, but in your hearts, knowing the lives you’ve touched and the difference you’ve made.

May we all draw inspiration from your commitment to the well-being of others, and may we follow your example and stand together as one people, facing challenges head-on with courage, determination, and unity.

I urge you to continue your exceptional work. Let this event serve as a beacon to all, showcasing the exemplary character and caliber of our nation’s lifeguards.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. 

May God bless you and God Bless The Bahamas.