Prime Minister Philip Davis’ Remarks at the Opening of the Caribbean Investment Forum

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Good afternoon,

It is a pleasure to be with you today, as we take another step in our collective journey to economic growth and cooperation.

For those of you who travelled to be with us today, welcome to The Bahamas. As you learn about the investment opportunities emerging in our region, be sure to take in the sights, experience our culture, and indulge in our cuisine. I can assure you that you will quickly learn why we say, “It’s Better in The Bahamas.”

The Caribbean is blessed with immense natural beauty, and we are also blessed with bountiful opportunities.

Our region is so much more than Sun, Sand, and Sea. Even within tourism, there are many avenues for innovation and diversification that remain untapped. 

Our gathering today underscores our shared belief in the Caribbean as an investment-friendly region. 

In sectors such as tourism, energy, logistics, agriculture, and financial services, new possibilities are emerging as we speak. Each of these sectors holds transformative potential, ready to be tapped into and amplified.

Based on our faith in the great potential for our nation to attract and leverage investments as a key component of our national development strategy, my administration has begun revamping our investment policies and promotional strategies, while engaging foreign and domestic investors to bring billions of dollars in new investments into our investments pipeline. 

We maintain that we are a top contender, providing fertile ground for profitable ventures.

We pride ourselves on being a preferred investment jurisdiction. At our core lies a passionate and skilled workforce, always striving for excellence. 

In financial services, for example, we have among the highest rates of per capita expertise in the world – an educated, talented, and innovative workforce providing services at the highest standards. This is what fuels our innovative financial services and wealth management offerings, and has driven innovations like our digital assets and registered exchanges regulations. 

We see similar levels of talent throughout our nation that, when combined with competitive advantages, such as our strategic proximity to the US and our tax-neutral status, makes us an ideal locale for savvy investors.

Our government stands steadfast, ready to facilitate and champion investments across a vast spectrum of sectors. We are not just open for business, we are your committed partners in progress.

Each of our counterparts in the Caribbean have their own unique selling points and strengths. A major factor that makes the prospect of investing in the Caribbean so intriguing is the wide range of possibilities inherent to our geographically, culturally, and economically diverse nations. While we are bound by common ties, investment goals in each jurisdiction are informed by the different developmental and economic realities of each nation.

Today, we have come together in the spirit of CARICOM to champion the Caribbean as a haven for investments and develop integrated regional strategies that align with our developmental goals.

Such integration is not just a philosophical concept but a tangible goal that necessitates investment across all sectors. From creating sustainable energy solutions that empower our communities to building resilient agricultural systems and fostering regional tourism synergies, we are committed to building up our CARICOM community through strategic investments that will uplift our people and elevate our business environment.

Thank you to all the investors who have joined us this week. I encourage you to engage with all the nations represented here today.  Amazing opportunities of every kind and size are represented within this room.

Today is about so much more than a meeting of minds. It is a launching pad for regional partnerships, a cornerstone for economic innovation, and a foundation for a brighter and more prosperous Caribbean future. 

Together, we can unlock the limitless potential in our region.

Thank you. I look forward to the exciting development that will emerge from this forum.