Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks at the Launch of the Corporate Administrative Registry Services Portal

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, as we stand on the brink of celebrating 51 years of independence, we are reminded of the remarkable journey we have undertaken as a nation. Our steps have not always been perfect, but moments like this demonstrate that we are making significant strides toward the full promise of self-governance and modernization.

Today, we officially launch the new Corporate Administrative Registry Services (C.A.R.S.) portal. 

This fully digital corporate registry platform allows users to incorporate new companies, file corporate documents, pay annual fees, and obtain certified copies of corporate documents—all from the comfort of their homes or offices. 

This advancement marks a significant leap forward in how we deliver services to our people and utilise technology to improve efficiency and accessibility.

In the past few months, financial corporate service providers have been pilot-testing the C.A.R.S. platform to ensure a satisfactory user experience. Today, we witness the culmination of years of work in development, data integrity projects, and data migration. This launch is poised to revolutionise the company registry in our country.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and congratulations to the Registrar General, Camille Gomez-Jones, for her dedication and perseverance in bringing this project to fruition, often under challenging circumstances. 

This platform represents a significant step forward for our business sector, and we are excited to see its impact as we embrace the efficiency gains and convenience of digitalisation.

Following the launch of C.A.R.S., the Registrar General’s Department will immediately begin the digitialisation of the Civil Registry. This includes a fully digitised Civil Registry Services Platform, allowing users to obtain certified copies of birth, death, and marriage records, as well as other recorded documents, without the need to visit the Registrar General’s Department in person. 

Development work on this project has already begun, and we look forward to launching the new civil registry platform for new registrations by the end of this calendar year. The end-result will be increased public access to these vital services, eliminating the need to make time-consuming, in-person trips to the department.

As part of this modernisation, we will pass the Movable Property Security Interests Bill and launch a movable assets and collateral registry. 

This legislation will be tabled before the summer recess and integrated into the new digital civil platform. 

The movable asset collateral registry will revolutionise access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses, unlocking entrepreneurial success for Bahamians. Banks and financial institutions will have a secure lending regime for small businesses secured by these assets, changing the status quo on access to capital for small and medium-sized businesses.

In the coming months, we will pass legislation to split the Registrar General into a Registrar of Companies and a Registrar of Records, creating two distinct operations with specialised staff. This long-overdue change will ensure the presence of dedicated and specially trained staff in both registries.

We will also move into the newly renovated space at the Bahamas Financial Center, enhancing the consumer experience at the Registrar General’s Department. 

This transformation will bring about an unprecedented improvement in service delivery, setting a new standard for our country.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce the release of the long-anticipated Land Adjudication Bill and Land Registration Bill for public consultation. These bills will establish the framework for the creation of a land registry run by a stand-alone Land Registrar. We aim to pass this legislation in the fall and have active land adjudication panels processing titles by the beginning of 2025.

A properly constituted land registry will fundamentally change the approach, cost, and ease of doing business regarding property transactions. This revolutionary shift will benefit all Bahamians, lifting the entire nation as we advance together.

These reforms represent significant changes that will impact all Bahamians, both personally and professionally. 

By leveraging technology and modernising our systems, we are improving the ease of doing business in The Bahamas, contributing to the development of our country and the prosperity of our people.

When I was elected, I made a promise to the people of The Bahamas: I am not here to defend the status quo; I am here to change it. Today is a testament to that commitment. 

By launching the C.A.R.S. portal and embarking on these transformative projects, we are making a radical departure from the Registrar system as it existed by providing greater accessibility and opportunity for our people.

Our vision for The Bahamas is one where every citizen has the tools and resources they need to thrive. It is a vision of a modern, innovative, and inclusive society that values progress and embraces change. We are building a nation that is resilient, dynamic, and ready to face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Today, we take another significant step toward the fulfillment of our vision.