Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks on the Solar Micro Grids RFP Proposal Press Conference 

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I know it’s fairly early, but today I believe we have ample reason to feel energised

Today is about choice. It’s about the power we hold to determine the kind of future we want for ourselves, our children, and our nation. The choice we face is stark: continue down a path of expensive, unreliable energy, or pivot towards a future where energy is sustainable, affordable, and secure. This choice will shape our nation for decades to come.

As Prime Minister, I am committed to steering us towards a brighter energy future. Our number one focus is reducing the cost of energy and, in turn, the cost of living for every Bahamian. The high cost of electricity is more than a line item in a budget; it’s a barrier to our progress and prosperity.

Our administration was elected to enact change, not to uphold the status quo. That’s why today, we take a bold step forward in transforming our energy landscape. We are launching an initiative to develop solar energy microgrids across the Family Islands. This is not just an energy project; it’s a blueprint for our future. Solar energy represents more than a technological shift; it embodies our commitment to a sustainable future. 

These microgrids will not only provide clean and affordable power but will also foster economic growth, create jobs, and build resilience in our communities. The RFP we are announcing today emphasises Bahamian participation and local management with a view to spurring self-sufficiency for each involved island.

We have the opportunity today to make a choice that will echo through generations. We can choose to harness the sun’s abundant energy, reduce our dependence on imported fuels, and take control of our energy future. This is a choice that aligns with our values, our economic needs, and our environmental responsibilities.

The path we choose today is about more than energy; it’s about setting a course for a future where our nation thrives – economically, environmentally, and socially. It’s about creating a Bahamas where no one has to choose between paying their electricity bill and providing for their family.

For this reason, we know that the goal of 30% renewable energy generation by 2030 is not just about practising the green principles we preach on the world stage. 

It is about Bahamian empowerment.

As we embark on this journey, I call upon each of you to embrace this change. Let’s work together to build an energy future that reflects our hopes, not our fears. A future that is powered not just by the sun, but by our collective will to create a better, more prosperous Bahamas.

In our ‘Blueprint for Change’, we promised a future with reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. We pledged to move towards reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources, and today’s announcement is a significant step in fulfilling that promise.

It is fundamentally clear that the choices we make now will define the future of our energy, our economy, and our way of life. Our commitment to renewable energy and solar microgrids is not just an environmental stance; it’s a clear economic strategy. It’s about ensuring that Bahamians are not left at the mercy of fluctuating oil prices and external economic pressures.

We are opening these bidding opportunities globally, but make no mistake, our focus remains on empowering Bahamians. We want to ensure that these developments bring jobs, technology, and skills training to our shores. Those who know me, Brave Davis, know where I stand on this: ensuring opportunities for Bahamians is paramount.

Now, to delve into the technical aspects of this project and to explain why these bidding opportunities are crucial, I invite Minister Jobeth Coleby Davis to the podium. She will outline the specifics of the RFP and how it aligns with our commitment to a sustainable energy future, ensuring that the benefits of this initiative reach every corner of our nation.

Thank you, and let’s embrace this opportunity to build a future that aligns with our vision, our needs, and our aspirations.