Prime Minister Davis Honors the Sacrifice of the Fallen Heroes of the HMBS Flamingo Incident

Today, we call by name the four Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines who were tragically taken from us on this date in 1980: Fenrick Sturrup, Austin Smith, David Tucker, and Edward Williams. As we mark the solemn anniversary of the sinking of HMBS Flamingo, our nation pauses to honor their sacrifice and to reflect on the heavy price they paid while serving and protecting our beloved country.

The loss inflicted near Cay Santo Domingo during a confrontation over illegal fishing in our waters reminds us of the perilous yet essential duties carried out by our nation’s defenders. These brave men stood at the forefront, embodying the commitment and courage in their service to The Bahamas.

These men, outside being Marines, were integral members of our community‚ÄĒbrothers, sons, and friends whose aspirations and responsibilities were woven into the very heart of our society. Their departure from this world was a tragedy, but their influence endures, inspiring those who continue to uphold our laws and protect our sovereignty.

On this day of remembrance, my heart, along with those of countless Bahamians, extends deep and heartfelt sympathies to the families who have borne the immeasurable weight of this loss. Their mourning is a poignant reminder of the personal costs of national service.

As Prime Minister, I stand resolute in my commitment to ensuring that the legacy of Fenrick, Austin, David, and Edward is never forgotten. Their lives compel us to safeguard our servicemen and women and to strengthen our resolve as a nation unyielding in the face of adversity.

I invite every Bahamian to remember these heroes lost in duty as pillars of bravery and peace. Let us honor their memory with our actions and our commitment to a future worthy of their sacrifice.