Prime Minister Davis met with Members of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress To Create A Stronger, More Inclusive Economy

In keeping with Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis’ intention to partner with Bahamians to create a stronger, more inclusive economy, he met with members of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress (BTUC) yesterday. The Minister of Labour and Immigration, Hon. Keith Bell was also in attendance.

The Prime Minister said the Davis Administration is committed to partnering with stakeholders to advance the concerns of workers across the country. He said that his government would remain accessible and maintain an open dialogue with workers. He further reaffirmed his commitment to working with the BTUC and plans to continue meeting with them every quarter.

“I am pro-union…and I have always believed that it is better for people to organize themselves,” said Prime Minister Davis as he addressed the Trade Union leaders, emphasizing the importance of fair and respectful treatment of all workers.

President of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Trade Union Congress Obie Ferguson spoke on behalf of the group to the Prime Minister about a few vexing issues facing unionized workers throughout the nation and thanked him and his government for the swift action they have already taken in response to some of the challenges they face.

The Prime Minister also advised that, as promised, the new policy allowing union members to become Justices of the Peace has already taken effect, enabling them to provide more effective and comprehensive services to their members.