Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the National Honours Investiture Ceremony 2023, Group 3

Distinguished Honorees;

Respected attendees,

This evening marks a momentous occasion. We are in the presence of outstanding individuals who not only epitomize the brilliance of the Bahamian spirit, but also light the way for others with their extraordinary achievements.

We come together tonight to acknowledge their timeless legacies, celebrate their remarkable contributions, and express our gratitude for all that they have done to better our beloved nation.

Often, when we reflect upon our national luminaries, figures like the revered Sir Lynden Pindling, the pioneering Sir Milo Butler, and the groundbreaking Dame Janet Bostwick come to mind. Yet, it’s imperative to remember that our nation thrives not just because of political giants such as these, but also because of trailblazers in business, journalism, law, spirituality, law enforcement, medicine, the arts, and beyond.

Each individual, each journey, represents a unique verse in The Bahamas’ grand tale — a tale of unwavering devotion and dedication to the enhancement of our homeland.

Looking back, we recall legends like Sir Etienne Dupuch, whose journalistic acumen and fight for racial equity carved pathways for a more equitable society. The vibrant strains of our cultural fabric echo with the tunes of musical maestros like Ronnie Butler, and our athletic glory is exemplified by the likes of Steven Gardiner and Shaunae Miller-Uibo.

This evening’s honorees span across diverse fields such as education, the arts, science, and public service. Their triumphs serve as guiding beacons for all Bahamians, irrespective of age. 

And so, tonight we proudly bestow upon these community pillars our prestigious national accolades: The Governor General’s Award and the Distinguished Service Award.

Our gratitude extends to the National Honours Committee and the dedicated team behind this evening’s event. Your hard work is the reason we are here tonight, recognizing the heroes among us. There is so much greatness in this country. I am certain this was a difficult task. Thank you all for making this all happen so we can give our heroes the honours they deserve. 

As we celebrate these heroes, who come from all walks of life and all corners of our great nation,  we are reminded that there are so many unsung champions in our daily lives: the compassionate nurse who goes above and beyond, the devoted PE teacher nurturing tomorrow’s champions, the resilient single mother juggling numerous roles, and the young individuals who, against all odds, spread positivity. Each of them, in their unique ways, plays a role in our nation’s story.

A true hero’s worth is defined not by accolades, but by character. Tonight’s honorees have been heroes long before they received any formal recognition.

As we look forward, let’s commit to safeguarding and promoting our heroes’ legacies. Endeavors like the National Heroes Park and educational initiatives are paramount in ensuring our heroes’ tales inspire future generations.

As this evening’s event comes to a close, let’s take with us the ideals and aspirations our heroes have instilled. Let us vow to carry their inspirational examples in our hearts, as we work towards a brighter and more resilient Bahamas.

May God guide and protect our honourees, and may He continue to bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.