Prime Minister Davis Opening Remarks to the US- Caribbean Leaders Meeting

Distinguished Guests:

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Good afternoon.

I never tire of saying to visiting friends and colleagues: Welcome to The Bahamas!

The last time my Caribbean colleagues were here, in February, we held an action-packed Summit, and made a good deal of progress.

Today, we are very pleased to welcome Vice-President Harris to join our Caribbean nations. Madam Vice-President: I believe we all feel and appreciate the depth and sincerity of your commitment to the region and to our people. 

We will make the most of our time together, I’m sure.

Indeed, our discussions will cover a broad range of issues: Energy and Food Security, Climate Resilience, Development Finance and Economic Opportunity, and Regional Co-operation and Security.

The agenda is ambitious – reflecting the urgency of addressing these challenges, and the real opportunity we see to make progress.

We are not starting anew – we are building on the work and dialogue of last June’s Summit of the Americas, in Los Angeles, and in regional meetings held since. 

Coming together here in The Bahamas, let us seize the moment — to accelerate and deepen our engagement, and to work together to produce tangible outcomes.

Madam Vice-President: it has been many years since we had an official visit from a President or Vice-President of The United States.  You hosted us very graciously at the White House earlier this year, and today I have the honour of extending to you our warmest welcome.  We look forward to working together in close partnership to build solutions and a better way forward for us all.

Thank you.