Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the 50th Independence Celebration Brunch, Miami

Good day,

It is a joy to speak to a room filled with so many bright, innovative minds with roots in The Bahamas. As a nation, we have been so blessed with talent, and the world has come to expect big things from those who hail from our small country.

In just about every industry imaginable, you can find a Bahamian climbing to the highest levels in their field.

Here in Miami, Bahamians played a major role in the settlement and development of the city, particularly in the area surrounding Coconut Grove. And for those Bahamians who travel to Miami on a regular basis, it often feels like a home away from home.

We leave our mark wherever we go. And we are always proud to recognise and reconnect with the children and grandchildren of The Bahamas. We share the same extraordinary legacy and heritage.

Yesterday, I spoke at the funeral of our pre-eminent historian, Dr. Gail Saunders, who was the first to tell the full story of slavery and colonialism, and how these experiences shaped our country and our Bahamian identity. And while this story contains its share of hardship, it also speaks to our strength, our resilience, our creativity, and our triumphs.

In 1973, when we took our first steps forward as an independent nation, no one could be sure where the path would lead us. Fortunately, thanks to the vision of the founding members of our nation, and the work of many who followed, we are now the best small island state in the world.

This year, as we celebrate 50 Years of Independence, we are at a pivotal moment in our still-young nationhood.

While we have enjoyed our share of successes over the five decades leading to this Jubilee year, we also know that there is still so much untapped potential within The Bahamas. One of the major challenges we face is that many of our best and brightest feel they need to leave our shores in search of opportunity.

It is up to our government, the private sector, and the Bahamian people, to fire up the economic engines of The Bahamas so that more of our people feel compelled to stay and build at home.

My administration is currently revamping our National Investment Policy to diversify and strengthen the Bahamian economy.

This includes creating faster, more transparent investment policies; providing greater access to capital; and targeting diversified investment opportunities, especially in the blue, green, and orange economies, as well as in Fintech.

It also includes the promotion of greater domestic investments and attracting quality foreign direct investments that incorporate robust corporate social responsibility standards to ensure that we are growing sustainably and responsibly.

The new Bahamian economy that we envision looks quite different from the one we see today. The greatest difference may be the increased access to ownership for Bahamians – because there is no reason why anyone born in The Bahamas should not feel like they have access to the Bahamian dream.

Our new investment authority, which we have named “Bahamas Invest,” will focus heavily on targeting the talented members of the Bahamian diaspora throughout the world. We are making it known that investing in The Bahamas is good for business. 

Since September 2021, we have approved over one billion dollars in new investments, and there are billions more submitted for approval in the investment pipeline.

We want Bahamians living abroad and people of Bahamian descent to know that you are always welcome to return home, invest at home, and build a life in The Bahamas. I must say that there is nothing quite like seeing your own sons and daughters prosper at home.

The doors are always open to welcome you back.

Thank you to the team at Becker and to Consul General Hollingsworth for organising this lunch.

It’s wonderful to celebrate Bahamian excellence together.

May God Bless the Cities of Miami/Fort Lauderdale and, of course, may God continue to bless the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.