Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks at the Commissioning Ceremony and Investiture of Ambassadors

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are celebrating Diplomatic Week to share our strategic priorities for the Bahamas’ foreign policy at home and abroad. Our diplomatic core represents our country in a world filled with uncertainty and a time when the fundamentals of globalization are being challenged.

For our administration, rebuilding The Bahamas’ image and reputation is crucial to our effort to strengthen the economy and create opportunities for Bahamians. More importantly, our strategic focus as a country pivots on promoting and advocating for the collective interest of our people.

Today we add to the already existing team of highly talented men and women who represent our country as Ambassadors.

For years both The Bahamas and Canada have been connected by our shared values as nations. I am confident that His Excellency V Aldred Gray’s extended profession as an attorney at law and a senior Cabinet Minister lends him a wealth of experience to advance our country’s priorities and agendas. Gray’s appointment as The Bahamas High Commissioner to Canada serves to safeguard the mutual interest of the people.

Protecting The Bahamas’ reputation in the global community is a fundamental component of our foreign policy agenda. Ambassador-Designate Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Kingdom of Belgium, Her Excellency Cheryl Bazard’s unchallenged reputation give us every confidence in her ability to defend and promote the reputation of our financial services jurisdiction.

Deepening our diplomatic relationship with Central America is consistent with this administration’s foreign policy approach to rebuilding our relationships in Latin America. Our country continues to share a friendship with the people of Mexico and the broader Central America. Her Excellency Sharon R Lady Wilson, Ambassador-Designate to the United Mexican States, journey in the legal profession, business, and politics is a solid foundation to stand on in the government’s efforts to deepen our friendship with countries in this region.

Building a robust diplomatic core requires us to scale up an already deep talent pool. His Excellency Anthony Ferguson, Ambassador-Designate to New Zealand appointment, is a continued example of the commitment of the men and women in our country at the top of their industry, offering themselves to critical roles in the advancement of our country globally. I commend these men and women, including Mr Ferguson, for doubling their efforts in their services to the people of The Bahamas.

I am also proud of Bahamians standing the gaps that have built up our country’s reputation abroad. His Excellency Cedric Scott, Ambassador-Designate to Japan, has worked to carry our country’s values, culture, and interests to different corners of the world. The Bahamas remains grateful for the strides he continues to make on behalf of our people.

As I conclude my remarks, I welcome His Excellency Paul Rolle, Ambassador-Designate to the International Maritime Organization to the Foreign Service. I commend you for your dedication to putting service to the country first. Repositioning the Bahamas as a leader in the Maritime Industry is key to our economic growth and driving new opportunities for The Bahamas.

These men and women at today’s swearing ceremony are a collective representation of putting our best and brightest forward. I remind you today of the privilege and heavy responsibility you carry in representing The Bahamas.

Thank You

And God Bless The Bahamas