Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the Key Presentation Ceremony Renaissance

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you so much for joining us today.

I am so happy to be here with all of you – just days after we raised the Bahamian flag at Clifford Park to celebrate 50 years of Independence. The celebrations over the weekend followed months of Independence activities, including some dedicated to worship and service, and to teaching our history to our children. Because, of course, the Golden Jubilee has provided us with an opportunity not just to celebrate, but to reflect — on what we’ve accomplished as a nation, and on the important work still ahead.

And I am very clear about the way forward: Bahamians MUST own more of our economy.

We are determined to create:

More Bahamian homeowners.

More Bahamian business owners.

And more Bahamian investment and innovation throughout our economy.

That is how we are going to build a more inclusive, more prosperous, and more secure Bahamas.

So, this afternoon, as we come together to rejoice with the Bahamian families who are now just weeks away from moving into their homes at The Renaissance at Carmichael Village, we recognize how important it is to prioritize government initiatives that help Bahamians achieve security and build wealth.

The Renaissance will eventually comprise up to 200 affordable homes in southern New Providence – that means 200 more Bahamian families will have a place to call home, a place to raise their children, a place to build memories and community.

Heritage Education Funds International, a subsidiary of Proven Wealth Management, has been so important to making possible this expansion of affordable housing; we are very grateful for their significant generosity.

The Renaissance spans more than 70 acres, with infrastructure already in place, including roads, electricity, water, and sewer systems. The development includes condominium buildings and single-family homes, constructed with quality materials and raised above road level for safety. We have also provided options for renewable energy and appliance and furniture packages.

With home prices under $175,000 and mortgage options available through local financial institutions, we encourage all Bahamians to seize this opportunity to become homeowners.

The six Bahamian families receiving keys to their new homes today, for move-in in September, exemplify the strength and determination of our people – they include members of our police and defence forces, and a mother who attended our first Housing Fair and saved diligently to secure her down payment, and a family raising a child with

special needs, for whom we have provided a specially adapted home to meet their accessibility needs.

To all of you: 

Congratulations on this significant achievement, and thank you for letting us share in your joy! We wish you the brightest of futures, much happiness, and God’s blessings in your new homes.

I started by talking about the road ahead – and I will finish the same way, by saying that days like today are how we build a better, more inclusive future. We will continue working together to build ownership opportunities for Bahamians across the country! 

May God continue to bless the people of The Bahamas!