Prime Minister Philip Davis’s Remarks at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Royal Beach Club

Good day,

As we look forward to the success of the Royal Beach Club, I am reminded of the rich history of Paradise Island. 

From its humble beginnings as an oasis, populated by wild hogs, to its transformation into a world-renowned destination, Paradise Island has always been a symbol of our nation’s capacity to astound and mesmerize with our natural beauty and our ability to curate world-class experiences for visitors to our shores. Even with all the development that has happened, this island still retains much of the tropical island charm that gave it its name. 

Today, one of the oldest lighthouses in our nation still stands tall on the edge of this island as a testament to the ways we have preserved history while embracing growth. 

It is against the backdrop of this storied past, that RBC Paradise Island Ltd. and PDI Paradise Ltd. have come together with the Government of The Bahamas to build something extraordinary—a $165 million development which will pay homage to Paradise Island’s legacy while propelling it toward an ever more vibrant future.

This investment represents the continued confidence that investors have in our tourism product and economy. Last year, we broke the record for arrivals with over 9 million visitors to our shores and this year we have already seen several record-breaking months. We have cruise ports, private cays, resorts, and hotels springing up all around our nation with both domestic and international parties coming together in various capacities to launch successful ventures. We also have historic investments throughout our islands in power generation, healthcare, airport and seaport renovations, and major infrastructural projects that will lay the foundation for the continued expansion of our tourism product.

We will forge ahead, determined and optimistic, toward a dazzling future for tourism in The Bahamas. And the Royal Beach Club is an important part of our plans.

Thank you.