Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks at the Opening of the Tourism Development Corporation Incubation Center

Good evening!

It is wonderful to be here with all of you as we take an important step forward in supporting Bahamian-owned businesses in our tourism sector. As you all know, when we came into office, we worked hard to open the country back up – the goal was not only recovery, but growth, and so we were very pleased to welcome a record number of visitors last year. We’re determined to keep breaking records, and equally determined to make sure that success in this sector of our economy reaches more and more Bahamians.

Today, with the opening of the Tourism Development Centre’s Incubation Centre, we welcome a new era for entrepreneurial innovation and business growth.  Bahamians have the desire, the talent, and the creativity to own more of the tourism pie – so we’re here to offer support at the early stages of their journey, so they can grow their micro business into a small business, or their small business into a larger venture. 

This project is a testament to our belief in Bahamians and a testament to our commitment to nurturing their dreams and aspirations.

We understand that the innovation needed for our country to prosper can only come from the people. The government’s job is to do what it can to facilitate and encourage that innovation. So, while we can make critical investments in infrastructure, in protecting our environment, and in empowering our people, it is our Bahamian innovators and creatives who will take our tourism product to the next level. 

This Incubation Centre is the first of its kind but certainly not the last, as we have heard! We will gather feedback, make adjustments to optimize the programme, and then replicate this model across multiple islands. 

By providing this rent-free space, we are taking on one of the barriers to opening and growing a small business in The Bahamas, which is the cost of doing business. 

I applaud the Tourism Development Centre, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister, for having the vision to create this initiative and the drive to bring it to fruition.

In times like these, when our people, especially our young entrepreneurs, are yearning for avenues to make a living within the creative economy and tourism sector, projects like the Incubation Centre are essential. 

I look forward to seeing all the initiatives that our entrepreneurs will engage and enchant visitors through their displays of Bahamian culture and creativity as they grow and thrive within this incubation space.

Thank you. And may God continue to bless our businesses, our communities, and our people.