Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks at the Closing Press Conference  Botswana State Visit

Today stands as a testament to the strength and potential of international relations as we in The Bahamas warmly welcome the President of Botswana and his delegation. It’s not merely an official visit but the growth of a  deeply-rooted friendship between our nations.

This administration is actively strengthening its foreign policy, and the visit of the President of Botswana stands as clear evidence of this commitment. These engagements highlight our dedication to deepening existing ties and exploring new partnerships, underscoring our nation’s proactive stance in the global community.

Throughout history, nations have found strength and prosperity not just through self-reliance but through the forging of strong friendships. And in this complex global environment, the importance of these partnerships cannot be overstated. Our meeting today, the dialogues of the past few days, and our future engagements are anchored in this spirit of camaraderie.

Notably, both nations stood in solidarity during the re-election of Commonwealth Secretary-General, Baroness Patricia Scotland, underscoring our shared commitment to multilateral cooperation. Additionally, our mutual support in the candidatures for the Joint Inspection Unit and the International Maritime Organisation further reflects our united front on the international stage.

Our discussions have been both wide-ranging and profound. We have deliberated on mutual interests, particularly focusing on the sectors of tourism and agriculture. These areas, integral to both our economies, provide a canvas on which both The Bahamas and Botswana can jointly paint a picture of sustainable growth and development.

Further solidifying our commitment, I am pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between The Bahamas and Botswana. This MOU, comprehensive in its scope, touches upon areas including but not limited to economic development, cultural relations, tourism, environment, agriculture, health, education, and financial services. Through this agreement, we aim to foster deeper collaboration, leverage our unique strengths, and jointly address challenges to ensure mutual progress.

The challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our nations, from tourism to governance, are mirrored in the ambitions of Botswana’s Vision 2036 and The Bahamas’ Vision 2040. We anticipate that this visit will further consolidate our partnership and pave the way for enhanced cooperation in areas that align with the vision and aspirations of both our nations.

True friendships, as we understand them, are not static. They demand care, mutual respect, and a consistent effort to grow stronger. With this visit, we’ve revisited our shared goals and set the stage for future engagements. 

As we approach the conclusion of this visit, I would like to convey my deepest appreciation to President Masisi and his delegation. Their presence and commitment to this friendship have been truly commendable. While this visit might be short in duration, the bonds we have fortified will last for years. In the days ahead, may we look back at this time as a pivotal moment when two friends, separated by geography but united by shared values and vision, took decisive steps toward a brighter partnership.