Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks at the Rum Cay Flag Raising Ceremony

Good morning, Rum Cay!

It’s a joy to be back in my constituency, in such good company, to mark National Flag Day. 

We are just ten days away from our golden jubilee, which will mark fifty years since that gold, aquamarine and black flag has flown above these islands strewn across a shallow sea.

With the raising of this flag, we not only demonstrate our immense Bahamian pride, but we pay tribute to our national journey – a journey that has not been without its trials and tribulations. 

We have come so far, my friends, as a young, biggity nation with big aspirations, and so we should be proud of what we have, of what – as the popular calypso song goes – big nations wish they had!

To be Bahamian, to be a proud Bahamian, is one of the greatest privileges God has given me. 

I hope that today, as we don our national colours, and hoist the symbol of our sovereign nation, that we will all take a moment to give thanks for all we have been blessed with. 

Let us be proud, let us be grateful, let us be unabashedly, Bahamian. 

Thank you.