Prime Minister Davis’s Remarks on The NSA’s Legend’s Walk Relaunch

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here in The Bahamas, we are in the business of producing legends!

I remember clearly how on September 30th, 2000 the whole country gathered to watch, with bated breath, as our girls barreled down that Olympic stadium track.


They brought home gold! I do not know if I’ve ever seen such an overwhelming sense of collective pride since that moment.

Talk about legendary!

Before there were Golden Girls or Golden Knights, Mychal “Sweetbells” Thompson became the first non-American to ever be drafted as the first pick by the Portland Trailblazers in the National Basketball Association. Bells went on to win two NBA rings with the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers.

Simply put, he is a legend!

Do you need more proof?

Elisha Obed Junior– Bahamian Welterweight Champion; Ed Ambrister– two World Series Rings;

Sir Durward Knowles and Cecil Cooke– gold in Sloop sailing!

You know, I dare say— “We just gat it like dat!”

Tonight I stand in a golden spot, a place where these stories are told and memories are engraved forever. I stand here as part of the making of Bahamian history.

Here, MACARONI is not a meal but a Basketball legend. Here, Richard “The Lionheart’s” weapon was not a sword, but a Fastball. Tonight I stand among the greatest to ever do it.

We gather here tonight to celebrate the re-launch of The National Legend’s Walk. We have restored the walk and tonight we have the supreme honour of adding Olympians Shaunae Miller-Uibo, Stephen Gardiner, and Anthonique Strachan to the great Bahamian Hall of Legends.

You three represent the nation’s pride. You are exemplars of what we should all work to be: dedicated, disciplined, striving, and unwavering in your pursuit of success.

I want to thank you for carrying the mantle of greatness.

You join the ranks of the few and worthy.

I have watched the three of you do great things in your various disciplines and continue to pursue even greater goals. We stand with you, believe in you, honour you, and will continue to support you. Shaunae, Anthonique, Stevie—Welcome to The Legends’ Walk.

CONGRATULATIONS to each of you, and may we all be guided by the stellar examples you have set.

Good night and God bless you all.