Prime Minister Hon. Philip Davis Toured Doctors Hospital as part of commitment to addressing healthcare issues due to pandemic

Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis and Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville toured Doctors Hospital Shirley Street location as part of their commitment to addressing the issues the pandemic has brought to the healthcare sector.

Senior VP of Patient Care Services at Doctors Hospital, Bridgette Sherman led the tour which explored three floors of the facility.

The Prime Minister noted that key objectives to address were free testing, for which the government aims to provide two or three centers, and the implementation of an approved antigen test with known efficacy.

Prime Minister stated, “My presence here is to sensitize [on the] importance and bring you on board.”

President and CEO of Doctors Hospital, Dr. Charles Diggiss assured their commitment and noted that their role is to contribute. He said, “We are all in.”

Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Michael Darville noted that Doctors Hospital is a world class institution, and their services will be needed. He stated that their facility will be needed for the implementation of Catastrophic Care and that it is now their job to take primary care to the next level.