Prime Minister Hon. Philip E. Davis tours schools

Prime Minister Davis, Ministers inspect school repairs in anticipation of the return of in-person instruction

On Majority Rule Day, Prime Minister Hon. Philip E. Davis inspected repairs at several New Providence schools with Hon. Glenys Hanna Martin, Min. of Education and Technical & Vocational Training, Hon. Zane Lightbourne, Min. of State for Education and Technical & Vocational Training and Hon. Alfred Sears, Min. of Works and Utilities. 

Together, they visited a total of eight schools – Sybil Strachan Primary School, C. W. Sawyer Primary School, Yellow Elder Primary School, Ridgeland Primary School, Columbus Primary School, Claridge Primary School, Uriah McPhee Primary School and L. W. Young Junior High School.

Schools were intended to re-open nationwide for in-person learning on January 11th, 2022 but as COVID-19 cases surge globally and nationally, the re-opening of schools was delayed and schools will remain virtual for the next fourteen days.

Education Minister Hanna Martin noted that teachers’ unions in The Bahamas are in full agreement with the two-week delay in face-to-face learning.  

When the Prime Minister entered office in September, school repairs were made a priority. Davis repeatedly expressed his concern about the amount of time Bahamian schoolchildren have physically spent away from school, as face-to-face instruction has been suspended in public schools since March 2020. 

“I commend the Education and Works ministers for meeting their target despite setbacks caused by COVID-19,” said Prime Minister Davis. 

“And while I am satisfied that the schools are ready and plans are in place for in-person instruction, overcoming the impact of the last two years will take a lot more than repairing buildings. In my view, supporting Bahamian children is an urgent national priority.”

Davis said that the government is actively pursuing Pfizer vaccines for children in The Bahamas.

Also accompanying the Prime Minister were: Members of Parliament for Golden Gates and Mount Moriah, Hon. Pia Glover-Rolle, Min. of State for Public Service and McKell Bonaby, Executive Chairman of Bahamas Public Parks and Public Beaches Authority.