Prime Minister Davis and Minister of Education Hanna-Martin Visit Holmes Rock Primary for Breakfast

Eight Mile Rock, The Bahamas – On Tuesday, November 21st, 2023, Prime Minister Philip Davis and Minister of Education & Technical & Vocational Training Glenys Hanna-Martin visited Holmes Rock Primary School in Grand Bahama to check on the expansion progress of the National School Breakfast Pilot Programme (NSBPP).

In her 2023/2024 Budget contribution, Minister Hanna-Martin stated, “this is a significant initiative that will provide a first meal at the beginning of the day, meet the hunger need of children, and bolster them as they seek to learn and develop their true potential.” 

The National School Breakfast Pilot Programme falls under the Davis Administration’s education priority to enhance school attendance. It provides breakfast to approximately 2,000 students in eight primary schools throughout The Bahamas. New Providence schools include Albury Salye, Columbus Primary, Ridgeland Primary and Sandilands Primary. Schools in the Family Islands include Cherokee Sound Primary (Abaco), Old Bight Primary (Cat Island), Rolleville Primary (Exuma) and Holmes Rock Primary (Grand Bahama). 

“These (kids) are our future, amongst these young kids I hope you’ll find another Prime Minister,” noted Prime Minister Davis during the visit. “Research has shown a hungry belly does not align with success in education. We understand that families are struggling and the price of food is out of whack, and so we find that is our responsibility to bring relief and assistance to families.”

During their visit, students were delighted to greet the Prime Minister and Minister, asking questions and sharing appreciation for the programme. 

According to the UNESCO publication titled, Ready to Learn and Thrive: School Health and Nutrition Around the World 2023, 1.5 billion children in 161 countries have benefitted from school meal programmes. 

The research shows school feeding programmes improve nutrition, attendance and academic performance for children.

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