Prime Minister Minnis Gives Message of Hope to Bimini Residents

BIMINI, The Bahamas — Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Health the Most Hon. Dr. Hubert Minnis, joined Biminites in the virtual town meeting held via Zoom to discuss issues surrounding the two-week lockdown of Bimini on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

Bimini is currently in the second week of a two-week lockdown after being identified as a COVID-19 hotspot. The Prime Minister announced that a lockdown of the island would commence Monday, the 18th of May at 9 pm. until Saturday, the 30th of May at midnight to stem spread of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister said that he was happy to see that the residents are in such great spirits and bonding so closely together during the lockdown.

He said, “I heard that when you were first in lockdown, it was difficult for you initially, but I was happy to hear that you are taking it better and each and every one of you have been cooperating and assisting each other.”

The Prime Minister assured residents that the lockdown will end soon; and also as he receives clearance from the health professionals he will visit Bimini and meet as many of them as he can.

“I know I have not been there for awhile but this is a great opportunity for me to come down and bond with you; I have always had an attraction for Bimini, but I have not made it there as much as I should have.”

He told the residents to be assured that the Government will continue to support them in whatever way they may need.

The Prime Minister said he would inform his Cabinet colleagues as to the high spirits of the Bimini residents.

He also let them know that they were not alone as residents on other islands, including New Providence, were also experiencing some degree of lockdown.

The Prime Minister said the world is watching how the country is handling COVID- 19, and Bimini will be in the forefront as an example as to how to conquer the virus.

While giving an update in the House of Assembly earlier in the day, the Prime Minister noted that there is sufficient food on the island. He explained that there was a system devised so that those needing food were asked to contact the Island Administrator, and a basket of food was delivered to their doorstep.

The Prime Minister noted that Mr. Charlie Wilkinson baked and provided bread for those needing it on the island. Private donations were made that permitted the island’s pantry to be replenished.

“I have been told that many Biminites have utilized the lockdown period to improve their health, learn new skills and engage in spiritual devotions via Zoom.

“Each morning the Bimini Christian Council conducts devotion for the community. There are exercise classes three times a week.”

Theme-based Zoom workshops and seminars are held each day to keep residents busy.

They have discussed topics such as:

• National Insurance

• Parenting

• Study skills for young people

• Cooking

• Arts and crafts

• Talks for the youth

• Men’s health; and

• Women’s health and Self-Care

Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe, and other government and healthcare professionals also participated in the town meeting.