Good morning. 

Later next year, this parking lot will be the site of a 500kW solar covered parking lot. 

This is the third Government-owned building to be retrofitted with renewable energy and energy-efficiency components. 

It is the first one fully funded by the Government of The Bahamas. 

We opened the car park at the Thomas A. Robinson Stadium last March. 

A virtual ceremony was held to open the Anatol Rodgers High School installation in October. 

The vision for renewable energy in The Bahamas is clear: 

It is to deliver world class renewable energy technology, at an affordable rate, to meet the needs of a developing 21st Century Bahamas. 

We are delighted for the expansion of this vision. We welcome our partners for this installation, B and H Construction, which is based in Grand Bahama. 

This project is designed to awaken our minds to the possibilities of cutting edge technology in The Bahamas.

Ladies and Gentlemen

The Bahamas contributes very little to the emission of greenhouse gases, which fuels climate change. Nonetheless, we are extremely vulnerable to its effects. 

Today, in a world where access to climate financing is increasingly rare, The Bahamas is showing the world that even 

the smallest of countries can make a big difference. 

Renewable energy technologies are proving to be the best way to transition away from fossil fuels usage. 

The 2005 Climate Adaptation Policy and the National Energy Policy support a transition toward the use of renewable energy resources and the use of household green technology such as solar water heaters and solar panels, to reduce peak energy demand. 

Fluctuations in fossil fuel costs directly impact the economy of The Bahamas particularly the cost of local gas prices, electricity bills, and goods and services among other costs. 

Because of the tremendous physical infrastructure owned and operated by the Government, the transition of government facilities to renewable energy is vital and will play a leading role in the country’s transformation to renewable energy. 

Across the length and breadth of The Bahamas, the Government of The Bahamas owns and operates rooftops, parking lots and green spaces, ripe for multi-purpose uses, like the introduction of solar technology, 

Last month, the Ministry of the Environment and Housing, reopened the Request for Qualifications for the installation of roof mounted solar at the T. G. Glover Primary School, with battery storage. 

Once completed, the school will be able to function as a full hurricane shelter with available electricity during power outages. 

We are making remarkable progress in our efforts to incorporate solar power generation into the Ragged Island electricity grid to make Ragged Island the first green-smart island in The Bahamas. 

The system is currently in the commissioning phase and is expected to go online at the end of the month. 

Ladies and Gentlemen

Educating the country on smart energy use will require a major cultural shift and influence from both the private and public sectors. 

Simultaneously, it will require a great deal of effort on the part of the Governments to facilitate this transition toward cleaner sources of energy. 

I extend my congratulations to B and H Construction for the submission of a successful bid. 

We look forward to working with you to introduce a renewable energy system at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Thank you and good morning.