Statement from Prime Minister Davis on the Passing of Dr. Michael “Perry” Gomez

Today, our nation mourns the loss of a giant in public health and a true son of Bahamian soil, Dr. Michael Perry Gomez. Dr. Gomez’s life epitomized the very spirit of selflessness, commitment, and passion for the health and well-being of our people.

For over three decades, Dr. Gomez spearheaded efforts that not only transformed the landscape of public health in The Bahamas but also reverberated across the Caribbean and the world. From his groundbreaking work in reducing mother-to-child transmission of HIV using AZT treatments to pioneering partnerships that made crucial medications more accessible to our people, he left an indelible mark. It’s hard to imagine where we would be in our fight against infectious diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, without Dr. Gomez’s visionary leadership.

I fondly recall the many times Dr. Gomez and I sat down to discuss the intricacies of our public health policies. His infectious enthusiasm, combined with a profound depth of knowledge, was truly inspiring. Every interaction was a masterclass, and I often left our meetings with renewed faith in our nation’s capabilities and potential.

Dr. Gomez’s life story, from his humble beginnings on Family Island to his celebrated contributions in the field of medicine, serves as a beacon of inspiration for all Bahamians. His dedication to public service and his unrelenting pursuit of excellence have paved the way for future generations of medical professionals in our nation.

Beyond his accolades, which are numerous, Dr. Gomez was a compassionate human being who treated every patient, every colleague, and every student with the same level of respect and care. Whether you were a fellow doctor, a young intern, or someone seeking his expertise, Perry made you feel seen and heard.

His legacy extends beyond his pioneering work in medicine. As Minister of Health, Dr. Gomez displayed a profound commitment to ensuring that all Bahamians had access to quality healthcare. His belief that healthcare is a human right, not a privilege, resonated deeply with me and has continued to shape our government’s policies.

Today, as we grieve his loss, let us also celebrate the life of a man who truly exemplified what it means to serve one’s nation. To the family of Dr. Gomez, Ann and I extend our deepest condolences. Know that the legacy of Dr. Perry Gomez is etched into the heart of our nation and will continue to inspire us for generations to come.