“…The Bahamas is fully open for business.

We were hit hard by the era of lockdowns and travel restrictions, but the pent-up travel demand means we have full hotels and a tourism boom.

We are very deliberate and strategic about the way forward – which includes building our blue, green and orange economies, and further developing cultural, medical, religious and sports tourism.

What makes The Bahamas a unique and attractive partner? We have 16 island destinations, each with their own unique culture and ripe for investment. In addition, our proximity to the US and our preclearance facilities provide very clear advantages.

We will find innovative ways to thrive during a time of change.

We are building our blue, green and orange economies while improving the ease of doing business in The Bahamas. We are building a more inclusive economy by incentivizing the creation of new opportunities.

Coming out of the pandemic, we find that the strength of our brand, the appeal of The Bahamas, remains undimmed.

In fact, if anything, it has strengthened, to the extent that we need to grow our supply.”