Almost daily, we are reminded how Information and Communication Technology has the potential to revolutionise our lives.

It can solve some of the biggest, most urgent problems of our time: in healthcare, in service delivery, in climate change, and so on.

In fact, in a week when many countries are experiencing record-high temperatures, we are told that technological solutions remain one of our best hopes.

PM Davis calls for CANTO to Partner in The Bahamas’ Renewed Commitment in Transforming lives through Digital Technologies

MIAMI, Florida – During his Keynote Remarks at the CANTO Annual Conference and Trade Exhibition, in Miami, Florida, on July 20, 2022, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance the Hon. Philip Davis said that, in pursuing the shared Caribbean vision of a connected and empowered people, and to transform lives through digital technologies, The Bahamas was renewing its commitment to leading the region’s efforts on the global stage.


In thinking about how to address the subject, I first considered the most direct approach. I thought to reflect on the findings of the ‘National Development Plan’ to date, and set out some of the priorities of our administration in completing and implementing them.
But this would have been enlightenment without provocation.
The provocation, or rather, the things upon which we might not all agree, will hopefully prove more fertile for discussion and debate.

Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police: Opening Remarks 36th Annual General Meeting and Conference

Along with a changing world, comes the increasing threat and vulnerability of crime to our country’s safety and economic security. Crime, in all of its manifestations, is a global and complex issue that profits criminals billions of dollars each year while leaving many reeling to recover.
We all feel deeply the damaging effects of crime.
We all hear the cries of persons who have suffered at the hands of criminals.
We all know how it plagues our communities.
And I know we all want desperately to change this narrative.

However, the ongoing effort to eradicate this scourge will require a multi-faceted response that address the economic, social, and legal realities that contribute to this situation, particularly in the Caribbean.