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Crackdown 2024: 
A Plan to Build Safer Communities

We Want To Hear From You

The Davis Administration’s plan is an integrated and collaborative approach to addressing the social, economic, legal, and health challenges which contribute to crime and violence.

Our strategy has five pillars: prevention, policing, policing, prosecution, punishment, and rehabilitation.

Tell us what you think about the plan. We want to hear from everyone: parents, grandparents, young Bahamians, educators, faith and community leaders, legal professionals, law enforcement, business owners, social workers, healthcare professionals, and more.

Which policies are most urgent in your community?

What other actionable ideas do you suggest?

What kinds of resources and support would make a difference on your street?

Your opinion matters.

We can turn the tide — but we must do it as one national community.

– Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis

We'd Like To Hear From You!