Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the Plenary Session of the EU-CELAC Summit

Prime Minister Sanchez and Representatives of the European Union…. Fellow Heads of Government from Latin America and the Caribbean Region… Madam Secretary-General of Caricom: The climate crisis is now. Not long ago, scientists and activists implored policymakers to act on behalf of future generations. But it is no longer necessary to warn about the future […]

Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the National Training Agency Luncheon

Good afternoon, everyone. What a pleasure it is to be here to mark this momentous occasion with you all.  In ten years, the National Training Agency (NTA) has evolved from a bold idea of the Christie administration into a premier educational institution, proudly carrying out its remit of streamlining skills training, developing human resources, and […]

Prime Minister Davis’ Welcome to the Bahamas Youth Climate Conference

Good morning, everyone!  It truly brings me joy to be here and to talk with you on Day 2 of this promising and timely conference which brings together young people from across our nation to dialogue and raise awareness on the climate crisis.  The Bahamas is one of the most outspoken voices on climate change […]

Prime Minister Davis’ Remarks at the Key Presentation Ceremony Renaissance

Ladies and gentlemen, Thank you so much for joining us today. I am so happy to be here with all of you – just days after we raised the Bahamian flag at Clifford Park to celebrate 50 years of Independence. The celebrations over the weekend followed months of Independence activities, including some dedicated to worship […]