The fight against COVID-19 has been a journey of immense struggle for our nation. We have battled tirelessly and continue to battle against this unprecedented source of adversity however, we are a resilient people. We have found that hardship has brought out the best and brightest in our nation, one of whom is Dr. Nikkiah Forbes. 

Dr. Nikkiah Forbes has provided this country with wise counsel during a period of great uncertainty and her advice has helped steer our country closer to winning the fight against this virus. 

I extend my sincerest congratulations to Dr. Nikkiah Forbes, for being named a Fellow by the Infectious Diseases Society of America which is that nation’s leading infectious diseases professional society.

Dr. Forbes, who is the current Director of the National HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Programme at the Bahamas Ministry of Health, has been on the forefront of this fight against COVID-19. 

On behalf of the Government and the people of this great nation, we thank her for her contribution and commitment to The Bahamas.