My COVID-19 Experience

Through this series, My Covid-19 Experience, we hear the stories from survivors and those who have been impacted by the virus.

Clinton McCartney

Clinton McCartney was his family’s designated shopper and was responsible for all errands outside the home. He is not sure how he contracted the virus, but he is certain that we would like to do all in his power to prevent anyone else from contracting Covid-19.

Nurse Judyann Johnson

COVID-19 survivor Nurse Judyann Johnson says she is still living with the lingering after-effects of the virus. She admonishes us all to remain vigilant and to follow the public health measures to safeguard our health and lives, and the health and lives of others.

Bishop Gilbert A. Thompson

Anglican Bishop Gilbert A. Thompson reminds us that Covid-19 will only be contained when we realize that the old ways of doing things, are now a thing of the past. If we wish to see the end of this disease, we must look at it for what it is – an indiscriminate killer.