Prime Minister Philip Davis’s Remarks at the Rededication Ceremony of The Home of Mr. Yurie Maycock

Ladies and gentlemen,

Today, we gather to celebrate the remarkable story of Mr. Yurie Maycock. His story now stands as testament to the true power of Urban Renewal to change lives. 

As a dedicated community builder and a loving father of three, Mr. Maycock has long been a pillar of strength in Centreville. Unfortunately, recent challenges have left him bedridden and unable to maintain the very home that nurtured so many. 

It was during a routine police walkabout that the plight of the Maycock family came to light. This revelation not only touched the hearts of our officers but also ignited a formidable response.

Under the guidance of Assistant Commissioner Anthony Rolle, the Police arm of our Urban Renewal project swiftly mobilized resources and manpower, including the commendable efforts of our Police Reserves. 

Their dedication has culminated in this beautiful, accessible home we see today— where Mr. Maycock can navigate freely and live comfortably.

Assistant Commissioner Rolle, your leadership exemplifies the profound impact compassionate governance and community policing can have on individual lives. To you and all the officers involved, your commitment transcends the duties of law enforcement; you have woven yourselves into the very fabric of the community.

To everyone who contributed—whether by swinging a hammer, painting a wall, or offering a word of encouragement—your generosity embodies the best of who we are as Bahamians. This project is a testament to what we can achieve when we come together, guided by empathy and united in purpose.

This administration is fully committed to supporting and expanding Urban Renewal initiatives. We must continue to work together to uplift our communities. Every citizen in this country should be able to live rewarding and happy lives. We must never stop working toward that goal.

Thank you, and may the spirit of renewal continue to thrive in our beloved Bahamas.