Remarks for National CIRT Stakeholder Engagement Symposium

In our Blueprint for change, we identified cybersecurity as one of the critical initiatives for accelerating the country’s economic growth and development. We also recognize that cybersecurity and cyber resilience are essential to developing a digital society and secure and protect every citizen of the Bahamas.


Almost daily, we are reminded how Information and Communication Technology has the potential to revolutionise our lives.

It can solve some of the biggest, most urgent problems of our time: in healthcare, in service delivery, in climate change, and so on.

In fact, in a week when many countries are experiencing record-high temperatures, we are told that technological solutions remain one of our best hopes.

House of Assembly Communication – 7 October 2020

Mr. Speaker:In my national address this past Sunday I advised the countryon the situation we currently face in the COVID-19 pandemic,which remains a dangerous and deadly threat to the entire worldand to our Bahamas. I am encouraged with the progress in Grand Bahama and most of our Family Islands.Virus numbers are low in these places.Therefore, […]

Message from Prime Minister – 30, August 2020

A pleasant good afternoon. As we once again reopen a range of activities tomorrow, I would like to offer some words of encouragement and if I may, some guidance. I invite the residents of every Family Island to follow the specific orders, guidelines and restrictions in your communities. I want to offer particular caution and […]