The Most Hon. Hubert A. Minnis, M.P. Prime Minister and Minister of Finance The Commonwealth of The Bahamas Remarks on The Official Opening of Monument Road Long Island

It is a great pleasure to be with you on the occasion of the official opening of the Monument Road.

Monument Road serves as an access to the popular Columbus Monument landmark, which was erected to commemorate Christopher Columbus’ landing on Long Island.

The new road is a part of the Government’s efforts to promote heritage tourism for Bahamians and tourists.

The road also provides access to the government’s navigational beacon/light house adjacent to the monument.

The old road was a narrow track road in very poor condition making travel difficult and uncomfortable.

After numerous requests from local residents and government officials for the improvement of this road, it made it to the list of priority projects for the Government as stated in the Minister’s Budget Debate 2018/2019.

The project went out to tender in August 2018.

A contact was awarded to Bernard Knowles of Rowdy Boys Construction.

The contract was in the amount of one million one hundred and seventy four thousand, three hundred and fifty seven dollars and eighteen cents, vat inclusive, for the completion of the works.

The project included the construction of approximately two miles of a pea rock and sand seal asphalt road 24 feet wide to the monument site.

A 6 ft. wide concrete walkway and steps were constructed including, landings leading up to the monument.

Amenities include: a carpark, benches and soft landscaping.

The scope of works completed include:

 Site Clearance;
 Excavation of hill side and swales;
 Preparation of a 6 ft. lime rock road


  •   Construction of concrete stairs, walkways and decks;
  •   Installation of wooden handrails with stainless steel cables;
  •   Installation of heavy duty galvanized steel benches and
  •   Fencing and landscaping.The completed Monument Road now provides a pleasant, modern, high class road to the monument site, which will be used by residents and tourists on a regular basis for many years to come.

Let me close by thanking all of those involved in this project here on Long Island.

I also thank the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Works, the Hon. Desmond Bannister, who will be a key member of my economic team to help with the country’s economic recovery during and after COVID-19.

I also want to thank your Member of Parliament Adrian Gibson, Chairman of the Water and Sewerage Corporation, who has done an outstanding job in getting critical waterworks developed throughout the Family Islands.

He also been very hard at work for Long Island.

Adrian has delivered on a number of important projects for Long Island. He is very dedicated to you.

And I assure you, there is much more to come in the months and years ahead.

We are dedicated to the ongoing development of Long Island, including vital economic and investment projects to help in the development of your economy, especially after the setbacks caused by the pandemic.

It is now my great pleasure to declare the Monument Road open.

May God bless all who travel on this road.

And may God bless the wonderful people of Long Island and the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Thank you and good afternoon/morning.